Monday, 21 October 2019

Diwali 2019

Fairy lights, earthen lamps, candle lights, lanterns, smell of faral getting prepared and fresh flowers, the warmth of families, friends and the chill of the upcoming winter season (even if this time it’s extended monsoon ;) that’s how we paint a perfect picture of Diwali

A five day festival is fast approaching and brings with it a whole spectrum of emotions: joy, prosperity, love, togetherness and celebration.

Streets of Pune getting ready for the festive season

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Velhe - Torna Road Trip

There is a story about Velhe - Torna visit, few of my friends had an idea of arranging Reunion at some resort near Torna fort.

Roshan challenged to rode a bike via Velhe.

A rocky, dirt road, rain at it's best, few kilometers edge of mountain range with some parts only 10 feet wide.

After partying for weekend who saw this was coming, bikes conked out with rain water in tank!

When the rain is heaviest, mobile network is lowest, bikes are at worst and garages are farthest, an engineer thrives!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hiking boots!

We had no idea how descending this fort top was gonna be, eventually we realized getting on top was optional but now getting down is mandatory.

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Engineering - Final Year

It was a training & placement meeting on bright hot day in May & the clocks were striking eleven.

Students were present in good numbers, might be they were serious about careers or they already started missing college, just two days before we were finished with the TE exams & suddenly came into realization that we are just left with one year in the college also slight seriousness was there in the background as its nothing but the beginning of professional life many of us have already set focus on projects, everyone seems to be excited to chase their dreams.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Revisited City

As this is my first blog so I was a bit nervous about writing this article. This article is dedicated to all my friends.
It has been about 2 years since I haven’t been to Aurangabad, as we get on to Aurangabad the first thing which comes in my mind is Chate Junior College as because of the Chate Education Group this beautiful city came into my life. I could not forget those 2 years of college.
As soon as I read e-mail that CSI (Computer Society of India) Student branch is organizing event ‘AGNITIO-14’ at Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, Aurangabad. I decided to go because I really wanted to revisit everything that I was badly missing.
It was finalized just two days before this grand event that we four students are going from our college K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Research, Nashik. We booked our tickets and there were just last four tickets luckily available. This was my first time to Aurangabad by train. As we reached Aurangabad railway station & stepped outside, I was lost in a magical flashback. I could still recall that moment.

I informed my friends (former classmates), nearly after 2 years I’m here so, it was expected and also accepted that they will show me some anger. Above all they came to receive me with full enthusiasm. Then we went to watch a movie exactly in the same theatre where we use to watch movies earlier. At late night after returning from movie we discussed about previous 2 years. We could clearly remember every moment we have shared together. That was the inexperienced part of our life, the great spirit of friendship and it’s all about joy & true relations that we left behind. Everyone was busy in their schedules but only because of our priorities we met and spent great time together & had ‘dhating’ experience.

Next morning I have to get ready to participate in event. Friends dropped me to JNEC. I reached the location earlier at 9 am so I got enough time to enjoy college campus and do event registrations for all of us.
My targeted contest in event was VIRTUAL CAMPUS, Aptitude test started at 12 pm. Experience of cracking 3 MTS exams fulfilled my dream of cracking aptitude within only 45 minutes out of 1 hour, followed by great experience of participations in CAD-CRACKERS, CODIAC, C-GAMBLE & T-TWIST. We all tried hard in all contests and also got good results.

Before coming to this city for the first time I never expected that I would find such true relations that make the feel of ‘A home away from home’. This was only possible because of my friends that met me there. We are like a big family. My love to this city is nothing but the true relations I found there.
So all I want to say is, just follow your heart & take out some time for yourself from your busy schedule. May you also find some true friends & great relations that you might be missing.